HELP Laid off Para Educator and Unemployment?

Thanks for any insight anyone might have.

I am in Washington state and was laid off on June 19th. I filed for unemployment due to the backlog of claims in my state and my employer telling all the employees to do the same. I emailed the unemployment office wondering about how to report my last two checks two weeks ago, but with no response so here I am. I was already accepted which is great, I received my normal pay and know I have to report it this week, but when I go to do that, the site won't allow me to put in a pay without hours and I have to link it to my old work which I am not employed at any longer. Has anyone encountered this?

They are taking no outside calls, and no one is responding to my emails so do I not claim the pay because I already earned it (I don't think that is correct), or do I not and have my claim closed?

*SIDE NOTE: I have already worked my contract and all my required hours and have been taking less pay than I would have received over the full year at a "normal paying job," so the money I am getting would normally have already been earned at a normal hourly job.

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  • martin
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    It sounds like you are still struggling with the initial application for eligibility for benefits.  Fill out the form again online and give a lot of thought to each question.  Pin your unemployment on Covid and use your common sense.

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