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DV lottery problem, Help plz ?

My father is DV lottery winner for the year 2021 from Afghanistan but during the initial DV entry his marital status was set to single, he is 70 years old and married, now I know that the manual for DV lottery says you MAY be disqualified so I'm asking is there a chance we can clear the mistake during the interview, I mean he is an old man and he can't lie about it and it is clear that this was not done intentionally so is there a way his case gets approved?

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    The marital status is not a problem. That could be cleared up as a mistake during the interview. But his age is clearly a deal breaker, as the US consulates will not issue an immigrant visa to anybody who most likely will become a financial burden on the American people. For that reason there's a minimum requirement in regard to education and work experience. Your father will most likely not be able to work at least 10 years full time, which is the MINIMUM requirement in order to get retirement benefits. So how will he pay his bills? Unless you are independently wealthy and can issue an Affidavit of Support the consulate will accept, he's at a dead end. Thus, he will not get an immigrant visa to the United States.

    Source(s): An immigrant from Europe, I live on the American Riviera and work as an attorney in Santa Barbara, California.
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    He lied on the application which is fraud so very likely he will be disqualified

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    First, he lied on the application. Any fraud, perjury, false statement, misstatement or omission of relevant fact, forgery or alteration of any supporting documentation, etc, is grounds for denial of any visa or immigration benefit. 

    Your father has another big problem. Unless he is extremely wealthy, he cannot work for a minimum of 10 years before he turns 65, & earn enough to obtain Social Security Retirement benefits & Medicare. For seniors, health insurance is very expensive, and if he needed to be in a nursing home or assisted living, that can cost $10,000/month or so. He has NO way to support himself in a very high-cost, high-tax country.

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    Here's the deal... Our President is over 70, most of our leading elected officials are over 70 and a good chunk of our business leaders are over 70. By US standards 70 isn't automatically considered "doddering old fool" territory. So it wouldn't be "clear" that this was some omission on the part of an unstable elderly person. This error may be fatal unless he's planning to leave his wife behind. Suggest he confer with a US immigration attorney. 

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    You can't lie about things like that and still have your application accepted. I mean, he's not going to leave his wife behind, is he? He needs a derivative visa for her. But he can't get one because he is "single" according to his application.

    Also, he will be rejected because he has no way to support himself in the US, let alone 2 people.

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