Gaming memory help?

So there was this game as a kid that i always rented at blockbuster its a gamecube pokemon game so its either xd or collisium but i dont know which it is. I remember the protag havinh spiky hair but they both do and there being alot of blue and piers so most likely sky snd water but idk which game it could be or how far in we were. Just whenever we noticed it had gone months without being taken wed rent it again to try to beat it. Along with a mega man but when the store closed someone bought the copy of the game so all we coukd get was that mega man we liked. Please help it would be alot of great help. My sis and I would love to play it again if anyone knows anything.

1 Answer

  • 7 months ago

    Having never played either, I do't know the answer personally. But I know how you can find it. Look up youtube videos of each and see which title matches your memory the best.

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