My gfs brother inlaw keeps flirting with my gf?

I'm in a lesbian relationship, my gfs sister's bf keeps flirting with my gf, (her brother in law) he does it in front of me and he knows that I do not like. 

They both keep saying it's a brother and sister thing, and it's normal, my gf does not see the problem, and when he flirts with her she smiles, and flirts back, and she knows how uncomfortable it makes me feel, what should I do? I told her today I'm not going to marry and have kids with someone that keeps flirting with her brother in law, and that it really puts me of, and she kept saying that's what our family does, it's just a brother sister bond

Should I be worried?

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  • Tj
    Lv 7
    3 months ago

    You would be very smart to just drop her and move along.  It is not normal. If she likes him so much, she needs to marry him..They know it bothers you, yet they still do it. Have respect for YOURSELF, walk away from this future problem. What they are doing is disrespectful and not normal.  Tell her to to F off, you marry her you will never be respected and you will divorce in time. Save yourself of problems. RUN

  • 3 months ago

    He isn't her brother and brothers and sisters do not flirt with each other.

    She is completely out of line. This isn't for you to sort out, she is supposed to tell/show people they are out of line when they're flirting and/or ignore them and not flirt back.

    Do not listen to people with cuck fetishes, this absolutely isn't normal or harmless.

  • 3 months ago

    She is flirting back. Its harmless and you are being overprotective. 

    Respect and trust her enough to know the limit.

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