Never had a job - what to put on resume?

I'm almost 28 and have never had a job before. My parents passed at a young age so at age 18 I had access to my inheritance and at age 23 I had access to my trust fund. I'm a single mother and have two children. The youngest is entering school next year which means I will have a lot of free time without the kids so wanted to enter the workforce. I have nothing current to put on my resume as all volunteer work I have done was years ago. Any suggestions on how I can make myself employable? I have no degree or certification in anything as instead of going to university I spent all my attention towards investing or my children. I've been suggested my friends to take short courses at TAFE or similar. Genuine advice rather than belittling would be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


For clarification and as a response to an answer, I did not spend my years "with my panties down", partying or similar. As I mentioned in my original ask, besides being a mother I spent years investing in stocks, etc. which has lead me to successfully expand my wealth instead of "wasting my money on drugs" which an anonymous answer states. My children were NOT an accident or a result of "being a whore", their father (my ex) is legally out of the picture due to putting my children at risk.

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  • 6 months ago

    Motherhood is a career / full time job. But now with them in school you want/desire/wish to enter the workforce.  Enough said.

  • Jane
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    7 months ago

    You are a woman 'returner' ie. You've spent time in your job as parent to your children and organising the household ( unpaid job, many women are in this position), you have had access to financial support and so have not had to take a paid job in this time.

    This is easy to explain on a resume /cv, in terms of how you have been spending your time. The challenges are to work out what you want to do with your life, and what you could offer a service or business in return for wages.

    Start out with volunteer work, choose something that is not within your comfort zone so that you can step outside and learn about both others and yourself. Wait before you commit to paying for training courses, as you don't yet know what sector/knowledge/qualities you need to develop. As you are financially independent, you don't need to worry about a quick win in terms of cash earned, it seems that for you it's more about you and your desire to develop your skills and sense of purpose.

    Give volunteering 6 months or so, make sure the organisation offers training and a reference. Then you will have a clearer idea of your next step.

    In your blind spot  are abilities and experience that you have not yet appreciated, so be brave and get out there! I've been a working single parent for years, qualified and working as a counsellor and careers adviser, now a chef, not sure what I'm gna do next! 

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    The problem I see here is that you don't have anything you can give to another person, so I don't know why you think you will be able to get a job.

    Maybe just maybe you might be able to get a minimum wage paying job, and you probably won't be able to move up, so you would be stuck in a dead end job.

    Heck that was your choice you made to not get any degrees etc. I have nothing to do with you NOT wanting to succeed in life.

    Any suggestions on how I can make myself employable? You should have f**king went to school. Do you understand me????

    No school = maybe no job, so you do the math!

    I assume you are not self taught either, so good luck with finding a job!

    Regarding myself my life is the reverse from your life. I spent a lot of my time studying, and you spent a lot of your time f**king.

    I have a college diploma, and I am self taught too. My life is not like your life. You spent a great deal of time with your panties down, and I spent a lot of my time at school, but now I am finished school, and I have something I can offer other people. :)

    I had volunteer based jobs, and paid based jobs, so now you have an idea of what type of life I have. Well currently I am self employed, so I work, for myself.

    Lastly I am a male by the way, and I want to succeed in life. I can't do anything about you not wanting to succeed in life!

    I was 21 years old when I graduated from college, and now I am in my thirties.

  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    You apply for jobs where resumes are not needed or expected.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Go on a level entry can apply to Walmart, or you can go be a host in a restaurant.

  • ?
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    7 months ago

    You'll probably have to get an entry level job.(no experience necessary)  

  • Matt
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    7 months ago

    Do some more volunteering or do some temp work to get up-to-date experience and get a feel for what kind of work you might like to do. If you have the money, why not start a business rather than work for someone else? 

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