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Can I take BDSM toys on an international flight?

Like handcuffs, whips, blindfolds, etc as long as their not in my carry on?

Can I take condoms in my carry on?

I’m a guy not sure that makes a difference 

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    TSA is only concerned with things that can be weapons. They are not the moral police. I will tell you that things can look strange to the xray machine, and they will search your bag and pull out whatever it is. They searched my carry on once, and it turned out to be my shaver. The guy held it up in the air to show the woman behind the x-ray machine, so don't put anything you don't want waved around in the air in your carry on bag. 

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    4 weeks ago

    Yes, those items are fine in both carry on or checked.  I would put them all together in a zip lock bag so if they did need to do a secondary screening, they'll know what it is right away. I'm on the road right now with some cock rings, butt plugs and condoms and haven't had any glance.  Just my damn hand sanitizer keeps getting flagged

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