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What should I do about my son?

My son has always been an animal lover and has wanted to own many pets. He is 18. I am the opposite, I don’t feel comfortable with animals in my home. I don’t judge people that have pets but I’m not a fan of them. The only pets I’ve allowed were fish. Well lately my son has mentioned that if I’m not going to allow pets, that he will be moving out sooner so he can have his own place to have pets. He has a job and has been saving up for a long time now. I really don’t want him to move out just for that reason, I’m not ready to let him go.

I’ve considered allowing him to have pets just so he can stay longer. What would be the best option?

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    Sounds like it's time for YOU to grow up some, and allow your son to cut the apron strings and move on. He's an adult now, and it's time you accepted that fact. He should be getting ready to go off to college at his age anyway- although it might be good to remind him that if he's planning to live in the residence halls on campus, most colleges don't permit students to have pets for liability reasons. He may have to get an off-campus apartment in that case.

    This "not wanting to let go" of your son is pure selfishness on your part. He's not a baby anymore. It's time he was out from under your roof, because he needs to acquire some street smarts and some marketable skills. He can't do that if you're still hovering over him and watching his every move.

    And to add... If your son is that much of an animal lover, then perhaps he should consider becoming a veterinarian. If that's the case, he will need to be a pre-vet major in college, and should plan on applying to vet school early in his senior year of college. Vet school is HIGHLY competitive, however- your son will need to be at the top of his class grade wise, and will also need to score well on the VCAT, which is the entrance exam for vet school. (People who want to become doctors and attend medical school must take the MCAT prior to admission. Those who wish to attend law school take the LCAT.)

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    Your home is "your" castle and those are the rules. If he won't follow them, show him the door. He hasn't thought this out. Give him a talk on bills, Electric, Gas, Rent, and appliances like a washer. Also, remind him about insurance for his pets vet bills and the cost of food for him and the pets. Let him know that if he is out, then he is out and should not be bringing washing for you to do or expecting meals. That should change his mind

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    If you dont want him to move out, then you can negotiate on what types of pets you would consider.

    There are many types of caged pets that he could easily keep in his room..   Something caged wouldnt be as "invasive" to the household like a cat or dog.

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