Is this electrical set up safe?

If i were to use this Surge Protected 8 Plug extension lead with individual switches, could i plug 4 plug extension leads without switches into them? For this setup, the power is only going to small consoles. I want it to be as easy to use as possible, so I wanted to have the 8 Plug Extension lead as a kind of hub, and the 4 plug extension leads powering each console. Of course only one of the switches would be on at a time.

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  • Boy
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    6 days ago

    I've seen strips plugged into other strips as in computer labs but I would not chance it as I personally believe it would be a risk of fire 

  • 3 weeks ago

    You can plug in all the extensions you want. the limit here is the total combined power cannot exceed the breaker current or your wall outlet current.

    Depends on service voltage though.

    In US 117 VAC 25 amp socket. I have 3 8X power strips chained and a 10 socket plugline. I have yet to trip the 25 amp service breaker.

    Now I have a coffee pot, a microwave and smaller refrigerator on another socket.

    If all 3 appliances get turned on, the breaker trips.

  • Shadow
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    4 weeks ago

    So long as you do not exceed the maximum supported current, then it'll be fine.

  • 4 weeks ago


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  • 1 month ago

    Go for it. 


    The number of things connected makes no difference. 

    Only the total electrical load makes any difference, 

    and it appears you will not have any problems with that. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yes  I do not see why not. You could even have all  the switches on feeding  all 8 consoles at once provided that the total power did not exceed that which the plug to your 8-way extension can supply. For example, this looks like a UK device. In the UK they have 240 Vac fused at 13A. which means that from a single socket in the wall you can draw 3120 Watts from it. This means that provided each console does not draw more than 390 Watts (3120/8) then you could have all 8 on at the same  time if you wanted. Simply work out the total Wattage of each console and see how many times it goes into 3120, and that will be the number of console that you can have on at any one time. I have assumed that all the consoles are identical and require the same amount of power or Wattage. Anyway, you will soon know if something is not right as when you switch all 8 consoles on and starts drawing too much power the 13A fuse will blow. provided that fuses does not blow then you will know you are within safe limits. There are some situations where an extension like this may only have a fuse rated at  5A or 10A but this is generally when some one had made up the extension themselves using some cable they have in which case they should rate the fuse in the plug to match what their cable can handle, if  not and just put a 13A fuse in instead,  then there would be the potential for a fire,. This  is why all electrical appliances should be fused correctly as if there appliance develops a fault like a , "dead short" and starts drawing too much current  then the fuse must blow to protect the cable from overheating and possibly causing a fire.

    The fuse is there to protect the cable and acts as a sort of , "weak link" if too much current is being demanded. So, although the socket on the wall to which you connect the extension to is rated at 13A and is capable of supplying 3120 watts , the power rating of the cable of the extension itself may limit what can be drawn.  In this case, if you attempt to draw more that 13A total with all 8 of your sockets switched on to those consoles then the fuse will blow and you will know something is wrong. In my experience though, high street stores only sell extensions like this to enable them to draw 13 Amp and that is why the plug is fused at 13A. You could try switching each console on at the extension one at a time and when the fuse blows you will know that you have reached the limit as to how many consoles you can have at any one time. However, if you can do the maths that may be the better way to go.

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