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Could they get herpes?

If I’m HSV2 positive and asymptomatic, could my partner get it too or is there a small slight chance?


Also I don’t have cold sores or anything I just want to know if I could possibly introduce others to the virus :/

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    It's possible. There is a chance that you can pass it on with out having a break out. 

    You can have HSV2 with out having cold sores / HSV1. Look up a symptomatic shedding, that's what can happen when you don't have a break out.

    If you're taking antiviral medication that can help reduce your chances of passing. You should be honest with any potential partner. 

    By the way warts are not caused by HSV.

  • Andy C
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    1 month ago

    ANY slight chance = they can get it.

    Of course you can transmit the virus.  Sores and warts are only manifestations of high viral load.  You always have some.

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