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why the news media has not reported on the Wendy's location in the city of Atlanta being turned into a "CHOP like zone"?

the whole street that the Wendy's was on where Rayshard Brooks was shot has been taken over for the past few weeks by armed thugs and just did finally hear about it over the 4th of July weekend after a 8 year old girl was shot by two of these armed thugs. why the news media has not been reporting about this? I Mean it is in the same city as CNN is based


today, the governor of Georgia has declared a state of emergency over it  and ordered National Guard into Atlanta...but this is the first i have heard about this situation of lawlessness in Atlanta. but have heard plenty about  last years summer sex story, (Epstein)  again,,,why?

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    They also seem to get amnesia around the fact Rayshard Brooks was on probation at the time of his arrest and was still up to no good, they like to omit this information quite sneakily when they are trying to propagate the narrative of "victimhood"

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    if only you banned guns, created a peaceful nation and become like a european country, you would find love, happiness and embrace culture.       

    Instead america is a constant warzone with a militarized police force and daily death count

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    They killed an 8 year old girl. This is a failure of black leadership.

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