I was 12 years old when  this song was released. Back in the good old days, ALL children WERE "COLOR BLIND", huh?

Why have politicians turned us against each other?


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Video for original video 3 dog night Black and White▶ 3:50

The current Three Dog Night line up features founding members Cory Wells and Danny Hutton on lead vocals ...

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  • Tmess2
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    4 weeks ago
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    Your memory is playing tricks with you.  I am a little bit younger than you, but I remember growing up in the South in the 1970s.  The one thing that our society was not was color blind.  

    Sometimes it is hard to imagine, but we have made tremendous progress over the past 50 years toward a less race-based society.  But there are still some with nostalgia for the old days when being white was enough to get you ahead, and politicians are quite willing to exploit the feelings that exist among groups in our society.  The key thing is that they are exploiting the feelings that already exist.  

  • Clive
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    What does this have to do with elections?

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