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Why does my BF get jealous easily?

My BF and I recently started renting with a male landlord. He said to not flirt with the other guy when he is away from home. Why does my BF get jealous easily? I told him I would never flirt, which he then said he's just saying.

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    He has insecurities when it comes to his relationship. Usually they stem from insecurities that he has about himself. Jealousy is a natural feeling for anybody, whether a man or a woman. For some it is a bigger problem than for others. The real question you should ask is how to handle those insecurities. You need to decide if you will (gently) confront him about them and reassure him that any worries he may have are unfounded or if you will simply learn to live with these natural feelings that he has. 

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    1 month ago

    Could be you attract a lot of guys or people in general, might be your looks, intellect, charm, humor, whatever it is, your bf is jealous about it.

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