How do I tell my neighbor nicely not to park in my driveway anymore?

A few weeks ago a neighbor said her grandson was in town for the weekend and asked if I would let them park a vehicle in my driveway. I was okay with it and gave my consent. However the other day I came home from work to find the vehicle parked in my driveway once again. They did not ask me about this particular time and just took it upon themselves to park there once more. I work long hours and often come home sometimes in the wee hours of the morning so I don’t often see these neighbors. The car remained parked in my driveway from Friday until Monday afternoon so I thought okay they’ve gone home once more. But this evening when I walked out my door I found they have come back and once more parked in my driveway. I’ve recently begun dating someone and don’t want him to get the wrong impression if he were to show up to find a strange car at my home. What is a nice way to ask them to longer park there?  I mean I gave permission for one weekend not whenever they feel like it

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  • 1 month ago
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    Simply go round and talk to her nicely. Say you think there's been a misunderstanding, you agreed to that one weekend, not to a permanent arrangement, and you want your driveway back please. Could be that she misunderstood what you agreed or he misunderstood what she told him.

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    So you go over to their house and say "Hey, sorry, but that using my parking was a one time thing, I need you to stop doing it please.".  

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    "Can I park in your driveway?"

    "Can I park in your driveway for today only?"

    Two completely different questions.  If they did not specifically request a single use, and you agree to their request, you have givem them blanket permission.

    You now need to withdraw your permission, and you should do so in person, then follow it up in writing if the parking continues. You can say, "Hey, you said this was because your grandson was in town for the weekend, and I was fine with that, but it is now becoming an inconvenience and I am no longer giving you permission to park in my driveway."

  • 1 month ago

    No offence to you, honestly....howsoever  you do not possess communication skills.

    It takes all of two minutes to tell the new man in your life that your neighbors are taking advantage of parking in your driveway. That is a very easy conversation.

    Now, for your neighbor...time to speak up and communicate with him. No one can take advantage of you without you allowing it to happen. Go to your neighbor and state that you apologize for his misunderstanding, but you allowed parking in your driveway for that one time, not as an ongoing parking pass. And then state that you are not comfortable with your driveway being used on a regular basis or for a few nights at a time. (Or set your own limitations, such as one night only, maybe x times a month  or whatever you are comfortable with). 

    People will use your generosity to death, only if you let them. They tested the waters and "got away with" parking for a few day stretch. So, in their minds  it is okay to do so whenever they want. I can see an over nighters every now and again, but your driveway is not a parking lot and they need to be nicely told so. By taking the approach of sighting a misunderstanding, you are not being aggressive or nasty. Because that is THE last thing you want to do as neighbors can make your daily life a living hell.

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  • Lolly
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    1 month ago

    "You will have to find another place to park, I need my spot." You don't need to go into long explanations over how to use your own property.

  • Dan
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    1 month ago

    Tell them that these days you have a friend who visits you and you want him to be able to park there. 

  • 1 month ago

    Stop whining to us about it and go talk to your neighbor.  Presumably, you're an adult and therefore able to hold a conversation.  Tell them you need your driveway back.

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