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What to name my babies?

Hi! So I am due in October and we are having twins! (Oh boy!) A girl and a boy!

Our surname is Ward and we already have our 3 children:Quinn OliviaBlaire WrenMyles ElliottWe are struggling to come up with a full name for them, but we LOVE the names:-Enzo-Flynn/Fletcher-Spencer-Micah-Jack-James-Luka-Asher-CharlieGirls:-Maude-Dixie-Everly/Evie-Ezer-Lena/Vera (middle names)-Aubrey/Audrey-Scarlett-Charlie 

I would LOVE it if you guys can help me create the names into first and middle ones. I just want to see what will fit right. (Also open to suggestions but I do not like super popular names or names that every kid in america has! lol

I really am struggling, thank you in advance!

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    Suggeshion: how about October becuz that is when the baybee is due

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    Lena is gorgeous. I would say Lena Scarlett.

    James Asher is also really nice.

    Lena and James sound good together!

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    Asher Jack

      Vera Everly

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    1 month ago

    Lena and Luka


    Aubrey and Asher

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    I really like your kid's name! They're combinations I never would have thought of on my own but really like. Quinn, Olivia, Wren, Miles/Myles and Elliott are all names that are frequently on my fav baby names list!

    I wouldn't use Flynn or Micah because I think they're too similar to Quinn and Myles - though they're great names!

    For a boy

    • Jack Spencer

    • Spencer Micah

    • Luka James

    (Based on how the first name/middle name possibilities flow together and how the first name would sound with the other sibling's names and Ward).

    For a girl

    • Lena Aubrey

    • Audrey Vera

    • Charlie Maude

    The only names on here that I would vote a serious and hard NO to are Everly and Ezer. I'd rate these a negative 12 on a scale without negatives. I find them very overwhelmingly trendy - they scream "2018-2020" and are pretentiously "uncommon" names yet Everly and similar-sounding E names (like Ezer) are getting VERY common. I love common names, just not ones that are this annoyingly trendy. I also find them cheesy, tacky, a bit trashy (even though these are harsh words) and just unpleasant. I'm not excited for the day I inevitably meet an Everly and have to say that name aloud all the time. I'm also not fond of Scarlett (trendy, popular and pretentious right now) or Dixie, but don't have a savage speech for them the way I do for Everly and Ezer lol.

    Other than these four names, I think you have a great taste in names and really like the options you listed!

    Here are some more suggestions :)

    • Milo, Marco, Chase, Caleb, Nash, Marshall, Carter.

    • Maeve, Elodie, Amber, Sienna, Lara, Lexi, Alexa, Delaney, Dawn.

    Best of luck!

  • 1 month ago

    Luka Flynn, Flynn Asher *** Dixie Maude, Vera Aubrey

  • 1 month ago

    Squid and pysch

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think all your babies are fictional.  I think you are a troll.

  • 1 month ago

    My Girlfirends name was Enzo, but she died at birth

  • 1 month ago

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE their names. For baby girl, I love Maude! Maude Ezer or Maude Vera 

    and for baby boy, I love Enzo! Enzo Micah or Enzo Thames (my suggestion)

    i love ur baby name choices, putting them down on my list!! and congrats!!

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