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I was an intern at a company for content writing, the company took all my content writing work and did not pay for it. What should I do now?

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    Under US copyright law an employer is, by default, "the legal author" and automatically owns the copyright of creative works of original authorship done within the scope of the employment, absent a clearly written agreement to the contrary.  17 USC 201.

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    What do you mean "took your work without paying you"? Were you able to get your last paycheck? If yes, then this work would be sadly the company's property since they are your employers, they are the reason why you wrote those articles, blogs, or writeups. 

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    It is NOT your work.  You were writing FOR THEM.  That is what your salary was for - your work.  It's called a fair exchange.  You don't get to write and get paid by them and then skip off with the work that they paid for.

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    You probably signed something stating "any intellectual property you create becomes the sole property of xyz company", or something to that effect. Welcome to the real world.

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    Interns don't get paid,  they also don't own any of the work they do for those companies.  They 'took' nothing.  What YOU get out of it is the ability to say what you did at the place,  in your job interview. 

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    What was the pre-arrangement?

    Does the job duties meet the requirements to be considered an unpaid intern?

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    There is nothing you can do to get them to pay you.  You were an intern.  Whatever you produced they will claim is technically legally theirs.  You learned some valuable lessons while being an intern, I hope.  So you can either get a job doing content writing or go do something else with your life.  The more you complain, the less likely you will get hired anywhere.

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    Were you paid or did you work for free? Did you sign any documents or have any information on who owned your work? You can ask HR but I suspect you don't really have a leg to stand on unless you are willing to shell out for a lawyer

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