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how do you make shots hurt less?

I have asthma and my doc has offered me steroid shots before to help with my tightness, and I always said no because I hate needles and I have medical problems that make me have worse pain then other people so I know the shot would hurt really bad. I was thinking about next time I get sick asking my doc for a steroid shot to make me less tight faster but idk if I want to as I know it will hurt and I do not need added pain. has anyone had a steroid shot before and if so do they hurt bad? and can the steroid shot be given in the arm or the tight? that would make it either for me if it can be given in one of those 2 spots?

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    At most drugstores you can buy numbing patches that you put on the injection site a couple hours before you get your shots. It's basically a patch that you put on your skin and whatever drugs are in it soak into your skin and numb the area so that you can't feel a thing. When I was in 5th grade I had to get 6 shots throughout the duration of the school year and those patches were lifesavers for me.

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    Ive had a few They hurt bad, and sting for an hour, or two,  and after that it's so sore you cant touch the area, it's gone within a day or 2 

    Last one I had was in an IV yesterday for surgery so it didnt really hurt much just a bit of pain when it reached my IV in my hand since they put it at the top of the bag with the saline I was given

    The other times i had them I've had them all in the hip, i couldnt sit down good for atleast a day maybe 2

    Please excuse typos, still recovering from the surgery and haven't had much sleep due to the pain and congestion waking me up, tonsil and adenoid removal sucks as an adult 

    Source(s): Personal experience - surgery and ear infections = steroids
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    Hello. You need to endure the pain or look for a better nurse to administer the shots or find an alternative health physician or find a better physician.

    steroids are hardly any good for the human body. swimming  may make your asthma much better.

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    You're only psyching yourself up. A Depo-Medrol injection or other cortosteroids do not hurt at all. And they don't give injections in the thigh. For any normal person, they don't hurt a bit. But as long as you keep obsessing about it,....

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    quit thinking about them !!!!!

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