How to comfort your wife through labor ?

My wife is having our 2nd baby in April it's been a while since we done this it's been almost 11 years so it's been a long time. How can I help her through it ?

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    As a parent twice over, I think I might be able to help. Labor can be incredibly stressful. Obviously she’s going to be in a lot of pain and discomfort. The best thing you can possibly do is be there for her, no questions asked. If she needs a little space, give it. If she wants you to run to the vending machine for a candy bar, do it. 

    This is your moment to be supportive to a degree you’ve never been before. Every woman is different in what she needs so the specifics are tough. Talk to her about what might calm her. Make sure to have a bag of items ready to go because when that baby decides to come, it’s on. Ensure that phones and other devices are charged and ready to go. The less she has to worry about that might go wrong, the more she’ll be able to focus on labor. Remove any and all barriers to her peace of mind and comfort. 

    During delivery, find out where she’d like you to be. For both of the deliveries with the mother of my two boys, I was at the top of the bed next to her, just holding her hand. The best thing you can possibly do is listen, understand, act when needed, and prepare for the single most incredible day of your lives.


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    hold hands with her

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