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My 4 daughters have all been spanked growing up when needed does this make me a bad parent?

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    Yes it does make you a POS. Who exactly needs to be physically beaten so they can feel violated and afraid enough to avoid the shame and self loathing that comes from being hurt and helpless over a behavior or mistake. Beating children is just a cop out for not explaining they why of the world and being clever enough to use non-violent incentives/demonetization to achieve what behavior you want. Beating children is just another form of rage dumping. Doing that to your own children is a serious betrayal of their trust. Some cultures have incorporated this practice into their lives, and only in the rarest cases actually follow through. Still this has become a horrendous form of child abuse in 1st world nations, where resources as simple as daily tokens earned for doing something one is asked to do results in being able to participate in an activity the child values or in gaining a snack they like. Hitting is off the table when better options can be used. Hurt people, hurt people. Violence is a cycle, and some have had to die in order to break it. That is too high a price.

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    Man my mama was throwing straight punches at me, beating me like a ***** in the street. But me and my mama still coo tho. But naw you good. They’ll be aight *****. They tough. 

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    yepper ...........................................

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