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Help! Punishment suggestions hor my daughter? she is acting like a spoiled brat! She deserves to be punished?

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    As a parent, you need to understand why she is misbehaving? Most parents don't know this, but usually, they are causing the teen to misbehave. Instead of punishing her, talk to her. Be patient and be loving to your daughter. 

    Ask her what is going on. Ask her what she is feeling. Don't attack her and make her feel bad because it will be a never-ending cycle. 

    Punishment might get you temporary compliance but over time, she will defy you even more. 

    When talking with her, use words on how and what. Don't use why because it will sound like you are accusing her. Find out what is going on instead of punishing her. 

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    My only suggestion is that you call CPS, because you are an unfit parent (obvious idiot troll). No parent, who is a parent askes a group of strangers online how to torture their kid in order to manipulate their behavior. That is a red flag. What you need to do is get sterilized. You don't deserve kids. 

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    Take away phone cut the wifi limit her from going out. Your house your rules.

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    1 month ago

    If she is over the age of 7 - 

    Take everything away.

    Leave her bed and her clothes - take everything else - all toys - all electronics - everything.

    Tell her she will "earn" them back based on good behavior and she will have them taken away again for bad behavior.  

    If she is under the age of 7 - the time outs.  EVERY time she is disrespectful or acting out - she gets to sit in a chair for ten minutes.  EVERY TIME - you MUST be consistent.   If she won't get in the chair - you place her in the chair.  

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    How old is she, and how is she misbehaving? You need to provide more detail.

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    Stop spoiling her? 

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