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Should I feel like this?

I feel like I'm in my teens and maybe like mid-teens even though I'm in my early twenties. I definitely feel younger than I am. I didn't really explore during my teenage years and never went through the rebellion phase. I didn't even have friends during my teenage years.

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    There's no way you "should" feel, you feel how you feel. I think we are lead to believe that certain things are required or necessary during different stages of life and that can lead to some internal struggles when you don't follow the societal expectation. Not everyone rebels and experiments in their teen years and not all cultures have the expectation that teens will do so. Trying to go back in time is probably not going to change much, however, think about what it is about that time that you wish you'd had... many times the desire for expression or independence is really at the root and there are many ways to satisfy those desires at all ages. 

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    I never went through the rebel phase, i guess it just seemed like a waste of time to me.  People still think i’m a teen because of the way i talk sometimes.  I explored with my friends.  I mean i rode my motorcycle when i was younger (not in years), we went to parties, lost our virginities around the same time, and it was fun.

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