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Why would my urine test come back with no temp? I legitimately did NOT tamper with it.?

I am taking on some part time work because I am still furloughed from my company. I don't even need it, I am just doing it to pass the time and as a supplement to my unemployment insurance. This position is at a hospital so it requires a urine test. Mind you, I don't do drugs and have never done them.. The first test, I thought I could pee but I couldn't fill the cup all the way. The next time I did, fill the cup but the nurse said my urine had no temp! I didn't even know what this meant at first. I thought at first they might think it's something related to being ill. I was irritated once I realized they thought that I could have tampered with the test. So the third time, I went in with a nurse and she saw everything. This was embarrassing and humiliating but by this point I had something to prove.....I don't touch drugs. Only the third time did my urine come pack with a warm temp. One my lab results come back negative for drugs..believe me I am going to give them a call. My question is how could my urine come back with no temp?

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    No way to know but giving them a call is useless. They are following a strict protocol that the potential employer wants. You dont fit the criteria, then it is handled exactly was it was. Complaining wont change a thing. Be glad that you were vindicated and go forward.

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    No temp? You mean temperature? It wouldn't have a temperature.

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