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Why do my two front tires always need replaced?

I have a 2017 Mitsubishi Mirage. Last year when I got it inspected the shop said both front tires needed replaced so I did it. Just took it to get inspected this year at the dealership and they said I needed by front tires replaced. I said they were just replaced last year and asked why they need replaced so often the receptionist said it’s probably from not rotating them at every oil change. Is this true or is everyone just screwing me? 


Forgot to mention I did get a front end alignment last year after my tires were replaced 

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    Front wheel drive cars eat up the front tires fast. On a rear wheel drive car, the rear tires wear from power train drive torque. On a car, the brakes are 70% front and 30% rear brake force and brake wear. On a front wheel drive car the front wheels also steer and provide drive traction along with the 60-70% of the wheel to road brake force. If the car is not all wheel drive, you can usually get away with new tirs on the front and use the best 2 used tires on the rear. Also expect to need new front brakes serviced biannually.

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    The receptionist told you the MUST rotate your tires often.

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    Just replaced  mine after 8 years.

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    How many miles have you done in the year? Were your tyres replaced with those recommended by Mitsubishi (Speed rating/profile etc) by a  tyre specialist. It is always advisable to have the tracking checked at the same time.  If this was done have you been checking that the tyre pressures are correct. Are you a smooth driver as hard braking and acceleration will quickly wear them out. Did the dealership say anything about your shock absorbers as these also affect tyres if they are faulty.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    With out knowing if the tires wore on the inside or outer edges I can't say if it's toe in or toe out. Any mechanic that does alignments would know immediately what the problem is. Get a 4 wheel alignment done.

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    One hit of a curb and wheel alignment might change.  Then in a while your tires are shot.  Or, if your suspension has worn connector bushings or is bent, no amount of alignment will save tires from excess wear.  Improper inflation is another big cause.

    Depending on how you drive, what wear you see, then every 6  months is plenty often to rotate tire positions.

    Source(s): Bought a 10 year old SUV with only 72K miles, had cupped front tires, replaced. OK at 105K miles.
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    There are tires that are such low quality they just can't last longer than that, plus hard driving adds wear and tear. Buy better quality tires and rotate them every 5000 miles. Slow down before making turns. Since the rear tires haven't shown so much wear, it sounds like your driving style and neglect is the major contributor to this problem.

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    With front wheel drive, the front tires do extra work.  You should rotate tires every 5,000 miles.

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    common fault . several factors can add or create such issues and get this result . wrong wheel alignment . under /over inflated tyres.  damaged/worn steering components . excess acceleration/braking/cornering of car ( front wheel drive) . cheap tyres compound.  off road use. high mileages .  tyre rotating ca  spread wear rates out but we end up replacing a whole set and not just a pair.( old attitude to rotating tyres is dying out  rapidly) did note you had wheel alignment checked ! 

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    It is true, especially of you drive it hard. Another possibility is you need an alignment or other front end work.

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