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Can this be fixed easily? ?

So when I get mad I say what’s ever on my mind. I rant when I’m mad. I get really angry and say things from the top of my head. I usually rant when a friend is around and it comes off as talking behind their back. I want to stop. Any suggestions on how to stop? 


When it comes down to it I basically have Anger issues

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    Train yourself to say a specific word when it happens, a word you will remember. When you start to remember it automatically you will also automatically remember the reason for remembering it. This will bring your awareness in to the moment and you will quickly realise you are doing it and stop (interrupting the pattern of thoughts/urges). As this pattern of new behaviour builds over the months triggering automaticlly your subconscious will pick up the pattern and filter out everything but the awareness that the anger is wrong, which is the most efficient pattern.    

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    there is no easy solution for this problem; it's going to take some time. next time you catch yourself mad or upset, try to think about if it's necessary to tell them about your problem(s). if it is, ask them if it would be okay to do so. otherwise, you're throwing your problems onto someone that never asked for them therefore making yourself look like a shitty person by not thinking about their feelings as well.

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    Thinking before you speak works well for me. But that isn't really your problem the lack of control over your emotions is. I suggest getting some counseling to get to the root source of that anger. Once you do that you will find it is much easier to control.

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