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$1000 motel room vs $1500 motel room besides the price what is the difference ??

My girlfriend and I am moving into a motel room here in Vegas. We are both on SSDI Disability both drawing $1500 and some change a month.  We have looked at a few places she wants to spend the extra $500 where I am content on saving $500.  I feel we don't need two beds, or larger room both nice but not necessarily needed.  I told her I would ask around.  So what really is the extra $500 really going towards. 


Both have horrible credit so apartment is out.  I am working on improving it. 

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    Most extended stay properties allow you to look at the room before your rent the room.  I would go look at both rooms and you'll probably see why one room is more than the other.  Also, some rooms come with cooking stuff, plates and stuff while others do not.  Generally, the more the place costs, the better the clientele.  I don't know if you looked at Budget Suites but they have several locations in Vegas and have decent rates but you do get what you pay for. I wouldn't count yourself out of an apartment since you do have steady income so they may just require a slightly larger deposit. 

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    Its pretty standard financial advice that your housing costs should never exceed 1/3 of your total income. You guys have about $3000 combined monthly income, so your housing budget is $1000 per month. Anything more than that will create financial hardship and likely force you deeper into debt - further ruining your credit scores.

    So it doesn't matter what benefits the $1500 room provides - you can't afford them. If your GF insists on a larger room or a room with 2 beds, then you will have to look for a hotel in a lower cost area where $1000/ month can buy you a larger room.

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    4 weeks ago

    Uhm......why are you asking us when you know what amenities and specs are for each motel?  Not enough info to even hazard a guess.......

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    It's going towards two beds and a larger room, perhaps among other things. A pool, maybe. Better TV with more channels. Nicer bedding. Little extras like a microwave in the room. Nicer furnishings. Nicer building.

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  • MS
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    4 weeks ago

    It could be a lot of things, like amenities, location, comfort, etc.  Without seeing the actual options, no one can say.  If you're trying to save money and build credit, then go for the cheaper option for now.  Saving an extra $500 a month is $6000 for a year, and that's a lot of money to save up.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Without you posting the specific hotels and rooms, no one here can do more than guess.

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    It could just be the location, which may not mean anything to you. Hotels charge what they can get. A family looking for a place for 2 parents and 2 kids is going to be willing to pay more, so the extra bed makes a difference. Otherwise, you should be able to look at pictures online and decide. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    Could be a number of things including:



    Room size


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