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 Cd(s) │Cd2+(aq) ║ Cr2O72-(aq), Cr3+(aq), H+(aq) │C(s)?

What is the Anode, Cathode, Reducing Agent, Oxidizing Agent, Reduction ½ Reaction, Oxidation ½ Reaction, Net Cell Balanced Equation, Predicted Standard Cell Potential, and is it spontaneous? 

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    Cd(s) │Cd2+(aq) ║ Cr2O72-(aq), Cr3+(aq), H+(aq) │C(s)

    Cd(s)  -->  Cd2+(aq) +  2e- ....  apply the definition  -- loss of electrons is ___  <<<  fill in the blank

    Cr2O72-(aq)  +  6e-  +  14H+   -->  Cr3+(aq)  +  7H2O

      ,,,  Gain of e-  is _____  >>>fill in the blank

     what is the purpose of the carbon ??  think

      if a substance gains e- then it is the ____ agent

     if a sub. loses e- it is the _____ agent

    Where does oxidation take place??  (anode or cathode)??

    most of this is just applying definitions ... learn them .. use them

    Cell potential .. you need a table of standard cell potentials ... it is in YOUR book ... I don't have your book.  Nobody memorizes those, so you have to do that part on your own...  

       Good luck.

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