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How are people going to manage this flu season with COVID-19 going on?

That's what I want to know! Flu season is the Fall and Winter, people are at risk for catching the flu in the winter time as you may well know! And people could easily get misdiagnosed with each other this winter. Winter and Fall as you may well know is the time of year to be catching colds and flu. Because people are cooped up indoors and are likely to spread germs around. So how are people going to manage this upcoming cold and flu season (which is the Fall and Winter) with the COVID-19 pandemic going on?


We're all churned up inside in the winter and fall and it's easy to spread germs that way! 

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    We are not. It is going to be a merger of the two and it will be the most devastating thing since Black Death in the 1300's. It will be unfathomable the destruction we will see this winter. Many will die if not most. The human race will not survive for the survivors will not be able to get food and medical assistance and will die of famine and other diseases. 

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    I don't understand your concern.....they're two different things. It's like saying how do we manage cold and flu. It doesn't matter, they are diagnosed and treated with the protocol for that illness. 

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