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How do I motivate myself to clean my apartment so if does not look as hideous?

It is out of control


I am an ADHD adult. 

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    Serieously, google unf*ckyourhabitat.  If it's really bad now it will take a while to get it really good but you've got to pace yourself to avoid burnout.  After that it's about getting your routines going on autopilot.  Doing really small things that are achievable adds up over the long run.  The lady who runs the site has a tumblr that tells you to do things in very small bite sized chunks.  Take pictures to prove to yourself that there is progress because it won't feel that way when you're in the middle of it.  Set your timer for short bursts that fit your attention span and podcasts are your friend.

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    If it's clutter, keep a box to put stuff that you haven't used in the last year. When the box is full, donate it to the Salvation Army. Don't hold on to things you may need in the future unless you have a space for them.

    You can also create a 'maybe box' of stuff you're not ready to part with.  Close it up, put a date on it and in a few months, if you haven't opened the box, donate it!

    Invite a friend to help you sort keep or go items. Ask them to question your keep items.Only keep what you have space for.

    Hope that helps. I struggle with clutter myself and these tips help me stay ahead of my stuff.

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    maybe you can pay someone to do it

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    Report yourself to the health dept.

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    Put on your favourite music and when you are feeling like you need to get up and do something start with the smallest things to do! Because once you see that cleaned Area and how much you like it you will just continue on! 

    If that doesn’t work then go to the space that is the smallest to clean and imagine in your head what it’s going to look like once it’s clean! Put on your favourite music and even if you cleaned half of that small space and then went to another spaces and started it and then moved onto the next until you eventually repeat yourself cleaning the entire place! 

    Hope this helps and once it’s clean all you have to do is top it up everyday and your place will always be clean.

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