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I've been sick a long time and need answers...?

Hey everybody, I need some help. I've been feeling very sick for a LONG time. My symptoms and how long I've been experiencing them will be in the comments.


I've taken 2 COVID-19 tests that both came back negative. I've spoken with 4 different doctors and been to the ER once since June 2020. My heart rate, oxygen level, blood pressure, temp., and respiration all came back normal. All of my blood tests came back fine with the exception of my Potassium levels slightly being low (2.8mmol/L), my glucose being high (142mg/dL), and my TSH slightly high (4.82mU/L). The doctors have all come up with a bunch of possible diagnoses, the most recent being anxiety. I've struggled with depression and anxiety since childhood (and have taken medication for it in the past) and the way I'm feeling now is a much different feeling. I was prescribed an inhaler for my breathing, but it made my muscle shakes significantly worse and didn't improve my breathing so I was told to stop. I've also been prescribed an anti-anxiety medication that I started taking 2 days ago. I take vitamins B-12, C, Zinc, Methyl Folate, and Melatonin to help me sleep (helps more than not taking it, but still isn't the much more helpful.

I'm getting desperate. Please help.


I failed to mention that I am female and in my mid 20s

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  • Edna
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    1 month ago

    In the first place, you're not physically "sick". You've taken all those medical tests, and the doctors found nothing wrong with you. 

    Your depression and anxiety (with a touch of hypochondria thrown in) are the reasons you've been feeling sick for a long time. Get those under control, and you won't feel sick.

  • 1 month ago

    You think 14 year olds on the internet are going to help with this???

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Try reducing your intake of caffeine (coffee,tea, coke,chocolates,). Drink more water and eat fresh fruit like whatever is in season.

    You got 2 negative tests for covid. That is a MAJOR WORRY GONE.  Wear a mask and social distance & washing hands frequently will keep the virus away from you. So no reason to be anxious. Find a hobby to do that is time consuming and cheap. Something to take your mind off of everything else.  

    . You can't change things for others. You are looking out for you. So ignore listening to the news, reading about the news. Avoid TV completely.  It is all lies Avoid reading newspapers too. Not knowing is better than hearing all the lies from both sides.  

    . If you have an outdoor garden work in it by yourself. Radio js Just playing music.  You don't give a schit about anybody than yourself.  Read a book or 10 Books.  Stop with the sweets. Sugar makes you fat.Also ruins sleeping patterns.  Eat healthy (potatoes, veges,meat) like MOM used to do it.  Stay away from "ready to eat" processed foods.  Do more natural cooking right from scratch. Do not over eat.

    . Big thing you failed to mention is your AGE &SEX  .   Women go through "menopause". Men through "Manopause"

    It is a real mess up of the mind for some but it will pass.  It is just a phase in Life.  

    . Are you sleeping or napping during the day?  That messes with sleeping all night.  Skip the day time naps and physically you get sweaty and tired.

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    This is going to sound super weird but it's worth a shot: get tested for Celiac disease. Celiac is an immune system disorder. Your body's immune system attacks different parts of your body and causes a whole bunch of weirdly unrelated symptoms including muscle pain, headaches, so called "brain fog" migraines and digestive issues.  A protein called gluten triggers these attacks. Treatment is drug free, relatively easy but requires a massive diet and lifestyle change. You have to eliminate all sources of gluten from your life -and this includes makeup, shampoos, skin creams and all food sources. See, your current symptoms sound like something I went through long ago.

    Doctors don't usually check for this unless you have the classic diarrhea and protruding belly. Many people with celiac never get diarrhea or the wheat belly. It's important to get a specific set of blood tests done and you need to be eating wheat for the tests to find the markers in the blood. 

    Even if they don't find the markers you can experiment with a gluten free life and see if it helps. When I started going gluten free I was feeling better in three days. After a week I was a new person. Around the fourth week with not one migraine I went gluten free forever and it changed my life. It might not be so dramatic for you but it is worth trying to see if it helps.


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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Glucose is high? Maybe you're getting diabetes.

    But also, you could just be having anxiety about relatively insignificant symptoms

    Do you have fevers? Feel terribly fatiqued? You haven't really told us what your

    "different feeling" is, so we don't understand what the problem is, or how it needs

    to be solved.

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    i would go back to the doctors

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    What's your question ?

    I don't see a question.

  • 1 month ago


    - Insomnia: Since November 2019, it takes me 45 minutes to 2 hrs to fall asleep (when going to bed and after waking up in the middle of the night), I wake up on average 2-5 times a night, napping is virtually impossible

    - Fatigue: For as long I can remember (ballpark 2015), it ranges in severity from mild/present (always) to debilitating (at least twice a week since June 2020), I never feel well rested

    - Headaches/Migraines: Also for as long as I can remember (ballpark 2017), migraines have become more frequent ranging from 2-7 days a week, they range in severity from mild to strong (they're normally in the center of forehead, behind the eyes, temples, and crown of the head. They can be dull, sharp, and pulsing.)

    - Nausea: On and off since 2015, not very strong but noticeable, I never throw up but I do feel queasy, this happens around once a week depending on my other symptoms (I also feel nauseous in my head? I'm not really sure how else to describe this feeling. This happens everyday.)

    - Muscle weakness: Most notably since June 2020, but have experienced this in the past. My muscles feel week every day since June, It ranges from mild to debilitating.

    - Muscle shakes/tremors: Since June 2020 on average 5-7 days a week, ranges from mild to moderate (sometimes the shakes are not visible but I can feel them, other times they are)

    - Shortness of breath/ Dyspnea: Since June 2020, ranges from mild to moderate, I feel like I can't take deep breaths, I sigh a lot, and I have difficulty yawning. 

    - Hot Flashes/Temp. Sensitivity: Since June 2020, I jump from sweating and hot to cold and shivering within minutes in the slightest change of temp. I wake up at night very hot as well.

    - Heartburn: Started about 2 weeks ago, rages from moderate to severe, keeps me awake at night

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