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What is really good for vaper's tongue?

Just recently took up vaping for the first time, not to quit smoking because I don't smoke but because so many of my friends kept talking about all the different flavors, and at first the taste was amazing! First I got a bottle of Banana flavored juice and that was so good for a day or 2, but then it was like I couldn't taste anything when I would have a puff. The next time I went to my local vape shop I bought a bottle of blueberry pancake flavored juice and, again, the first couple of days was heaven with that... but then yet again it became like chewing on gum that has no flavor anymore.

I did some research and learned about "vsper's tongue" which is basically where your palate becomes used to a certain taste and so then blocks it out. Some friends of mine recommended drinking coffee and carbonated drinks like coke and sparkling water to refresh my palate, and I have, but to be honest I still can't really taste the flavor in the vape. Anyone else had this and can recommend a good solution?

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    Start cannabis business from

  • kswck2
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    3 months ago

    Vaping is just a stepping stone to other drugs, like tobacco, alcohol and eventually....Heroin. 

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Covid 19 will cure it quickly - dumbass!

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