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What is it like live or go on vacation in japan?

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    Very different. Living in the country is experiencing a Japan that no tourists ever could. It's a double edged sword. Not having to cram in so many places on a sightseeing schedule, as well as not forced to taking your chances with the weather (which sometimes just stinks) is wonderful. Having to deal with the bureaucratic red tape in getting a lot of things you need can be a migraine though. I've been traveling to Japan for about 40 years, and lived there for over a decade. It's a wonderful experience, and things for foreign tourists have improved considerably. There are lots of air and rail passes, plus low cost carriers to fly around the country for peanuts. And the internet has changed everything.

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    I think it is a fantastic place for a vacation, and much more affordable than it used to be. I especially like the kind of raffish areas like the Golden Gai or Ameyoko. I also like literary destination such as Yuzawa, Shayokan and the Lupin bar. 

    As far as living there, I liked it for ten years or so-but eventually left because the interminable recession made it harder and harder to make a living there. 

    I got a whole new appreciation of Japan when I went back on vacation and could just enjoy the place without worrying about earning money there. 

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    It's very different living in and visiting Japan, although both offer wonderful experiences.

    Visiting Japan as a tourist is one of the best tourism experiences possible in the world. There are a number of reasons for this and they include: a safe destination where foreign tourists do not need to worry about being ripped off or physically harmed. A high standard of cleanliness and health. FANTASTIC food from the cheapest to the most expensive. Extremely efficient public transport. A culture that offers amazing historical sites along with ultra modern - there's something for everyone. A culture that takes pride in welcoming visitors and treating them well.

    Living in Japan is of course a different kettle of fish and it's not for everyone. Japan and the Japanese can be rigid in their thinking and unless you have decent Japanese, it's hard to do much more than scratch the surface of the culture. If you DO make the effort to learn Japanese however, your experience of living in Japan will be immeasurably improved. Japan is actually a strange dichotomy of high tech and low tech and many aspects of Japanese life are surprisingly low tech. They're still very much a paper society, valuing cash over credit cards and often, things like paperwork and faxes over digital files and email. The foreigners who do best in Japan are those who do not expect Japan to be like their own country and who make the effort to learn the language and fit in. For those who can do that, it's a hugely rewarding place to live.

    Source(s): Lived in Japan for 16 years and work as a Japan travel specialist for 13 years.
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    I've been on vacation and on a business trip in Japan. It was lovely. I especially enjoyed riding the trains between cities. There is less English there outside the major hotels than you would think. Ordering in restaurants often required taking the server outside and pointing the replica of a dish in the window. They study English, but only reading and writing, so they are terrified of speaking it. But it's a very advanced, organized country. 

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