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Unhabittated island living?

So I have done some research and found out there are SO many unhabitated Islands and a group of friends and I want to go explore and try to survival living out there,is there people who would take us there or do we need to get a boat ourselves or what would be the better option?

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  • Foofa
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    Depends on the islands in question as some of privately owned and others are just off limits to tourists. You're going to want to be careful with this because many of these islands are uninhabited because they're uninhabitable owing to having been used to test weapons, experiment with poison or are in some other way dangerous to human life. 

  • Andrew
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    4 weeks ago

    Just because an island happens to be uninhabited doesn't mean that it doesn't belong to someone and should therefore be considered private property. Each and every speck of land on the surface of the Earth with the exception of Antarctica has already been claimed. Landing on one of these islands could be a crime in and of itself, never mind chopping down trees, hunting and fishing, making fires, and otherwise disturbing the ecosystem. 

    Next, do any of you have any knowledge or experience when it comes to roughing it like that? On an uninhabited island, the only creature comforts you'll have are those you bring in from the outside world. If those things are damaged or destroyed or used up, you won't have any way to obtain more except to leave. It's not just about having shelter and a way to cook food. Without a reliable fresh water source, you won't make it more than a few days. And while you might think that some flimsy tent will serve you well for shelter, if a storm comes in, you could be in real trouble. The same is true if one of you becomes ill or injured. Not to mention that there's always the risk of other people. If some nutter finds out there are four scrawny kids camping on an island where help is a good distance away and would take a while to arrive, you could be in for the biggest problem of your life. 

    Do what you want, but these are some points worth pondering. 

  • 4 weeks ago

    You should get a boat.  You need to have a boat there in case something happens and you need to leave quickly.  You can't count on being able to get someone to help you if you have a medical emergency or the water rises and floods the island.  Anyone on an island without a bridge needs to have a boat there.

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