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Wife frustrates me to be around sometimes ?

We have a busy life with 3 little kids and I know life is life. With working from we see each other more so I know we need breaks at time. However it seems like her frustrations at work or at the kids are put on me. It’s like she answers me with an attitude. When she has a problem I listen. I told her she needs to chill and I’m at the point I just want to be away from her. I probably don’t mean that long term, but I’m nice to her and I feel I don’t get the same treatment back all the time. 

Been married for several years but maybe this is married life with kids?

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  • 1 month ago

    kids or no kids people snap at each other from time to time, nothing unusual in that

  • 1 month ago

    That is why most men leave their families it is useless to expect your family to change and worse if they don't.

  • 1 month ago

    nah, you having marriage issues, thank you for raising this question, i'm with a girl atm and it's kind of bad, i fear your type of marriage but far worse.... so i don't mean to say you'rs is bad, but it's the beginning of what i absolutely don't guys should make it a thing to find a therapist and go to him once a month at the very leastm if you are  being pushed to far then every week, you guys need to get stuff out, or at least you do, you either have to be able to tell her about exaclty how you feel and she understands or gives you another perspective without freaking out, or you get a 3rd person to say yo.. chill out.. he doesn't mean this, he means "this".  point is you have no time for anything with kids and a relationship takes work, you need to make time for it which is what i'm telling my  girl atm and i;m 27

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