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What is going on?

My fiancé snores really bad, when we first moved in together a few months ago I couldn’t take his snoring at all so I would ALWAYS move to the couch (which I really hated to do) he hasn’t been able to make it to his doctors yet to get it checked out yet. Anyways a month ago he wasn’t snoring for a whole month cause he started elevating his head with 2 pillows and it was so nice to actually enjoy sleeping in the bed again. But a few days ago his snoring started up again really bad, he is still elevating his head like normal but I don’t know what’s causing him to start snoring bad again? I can never get any sleep anymore and I am now moved onto the couch again because of this and it bothers me. 


Do you know what could be causing him to start snoring again? I can never get any sleep anymore and when I sleep on the couch I don’t get any sleep either cause it’s so uncomfortable. I just don’t know what to do at this point now. 

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    Your fiance needs to get some medical attention. First have him checked for sleep apnea. This is very serious and needs to be taken care of before anything else. Next look at allergies. It's hard to breathe through the nose when it's clogged. 

    My husband snores. A lot. He had no idea how bad it was for me because I mostly suffered in silence. His doctor told me to wake him up every time his snoring woke me up so he could really understand how bad it was for me. His doctor also told us that Dave had to use the couch instead of me.  After about two weeks of interrupted sleep and cramping on the sofa he took my concerns seriously. 

    He's on allergy medicines and that's helped a lot. We also have an air conditioner in our room and that helped even more. We have it turned to the fan setting when it's not hot  and the white noise helps me sleep. The AC also cut his allergies way down at night -maybe there's an air filter? Finally, I got myself some custom ear plugs. I got them from one of those doctors who make hearing aids and these are soft, don't put pressure on the eardrums and let me sleep like a baby. The third night I used them I slept for 7 hours straight. I can't hear a thing with them so I would not have been able to use them when my kids were babies and very young, but now they are a life and sanity saver. 

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    Maybe it’s sleep apnea. 

    I feel sorry for you because I have an uncle who’s exactly the same. It’s so freaking loud and monotonous, which makes it even worse. 

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