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How do I tell my parents?

My beautiful girlfriend and I had unprotected sex as it wasn't planned and there wasn't any protection coz I'm not the sexual type. But we had sex thinking we'd be safe if I pulled out which all went according to plan. about two weeks later I then received a worried text saying she had missed her period so I said it was probably the new medication she was on.

The next day, still no period and the panic set as she told me she wasn't feeling well and things tasted bad. Now I studied childcare so I know how to deal and look after kids but I also know that what she was experiencing was pregnancy symptoms. She also explained that she was dehydrated and felt really tired. 

Bare in mind I'm quite excited to be a father (she took a test and it was positive) and she is excited to be a mother. 

 The only thing I'm not ready for is telling my parents.

Not gonna lie life is beautiful even if the unexpected occurs.

I told my gf I am gonna get a job so I can support her and the baby. I gave her reassurance that I may be young but I'm not gonna leave her behind with the child.


Bare in mind we are bot almost 18

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    You tell them the truth. 

    Then tell them your plan to support yourself and your child. 

    You may want to consider joining the military for the benefits, job training, and eventual free college education. 

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    You have proven the pull out method doesn't work and now you are going to work hard for the rest of your life to support girlfriend and baby so now just tell parents (her name) is pregnant, they will be angry and disappointed and will tell you it is your life and you made a mistake and will have to live with it. It will be even harder for her to tell her parents as they will want to kill you, Good Luck

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    First off, pregnancy does not have symptoms.  It is not a disease.  That said, write it down and hand them a piece of paper - it will make it a whole lot easier.  Write that you love your girlfriend but were careless & did it unprotected and now she's pregnant and you intend to get a job, and if they want to yell because you did things backwards, to please cool off first for an hour and then you will be prepared for listening to a lecture.

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    You can't hide it. Might as well get it over with. They may react better than you imagine.

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