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Agree or Disagree: Bringing back, or adding these things will make the WWE games more fun?

There are a couple of things here I don't agree with, but that won't stop me from giving you best answer. 



Free autonomy in career mode, walking around on the backstage(Like SVR 2011 Wrestlemania mode, but better)- 


Intergender matches (It's just a game)- 


General Manager Mode- 


Added WCW, ECW, and old WWE cruiserweights- 


Special referee match- 


Add an unrealistic character to the game and give them in-human abilities- 


Add in weight and strength simulation to finishers and signatures(If the characters are small, or not strong enough, they shouldn't be able to lift the heavy wrestlers, even if it's a signature or finisher)- 


Much better, more modernized, and more options for creation suite(Including the face and body morphings)- 


Much smarter A.I.- 


Make the entire game PG13 again-

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  • Adam
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    1 month ago
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    Intergender matches - no because anything that encourages man on woman violence for me is wrong (worked for a domestic violence charity so view is helped by that)

    GM Mode - Yes i agree, not a fan of the universe mode

    Cruiserweights - depends on the pick. Half of the extra characters i never use

    Special Referee - I'd love this in conjunction with GM Mode purely as a tool for storylines

    Unrealistic character - no

    Weight simulation - Yes

    Creation suite - yes

    Smarter AI - Yes

    PG 13 - Not needed for me. If the game requires elements from pg13 to make it good, it's not a good game.

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