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Which of the following is NOT a type of friendship described in Aristotle’s ethical writings? ?

A) Moral 

B) Sensual 

C) Intellectual 

D) Utilitarian 

E) None of the above 

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  • When friends do not pay the five bucks that she or he owes.

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    Moral friendship has virtue; so a qualified "yes."  Aristotle counts morality in friendship as a very real ingredient, i.e., without it, no friendship, particularly of the intellectual or highest kind of friendship.  Aristotle also held that true friendship is based on similarity of virtues (one good cook and another good cook may have a good friendship, either of utility, of yum-yum sharing, and/or further appreciation of each other's noble qualities).

    Utilitarian friendship;

    Sensual friendship defined as of yum-yum is also one of the types of friendship; and

    Intellectual friendship is when both people appreciate the better selves of each other; This is the highest kind of friendship, and tends to include the other two.  See the similarity with Maslow's hierarchy of needs:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow's_hierarchy_o...

    So, E.

    Classroom caution:  if instructor is not keen on moral friendship as a category or type of friendship, remind her of Aristotle's discussion of the loss of a friendship due to a friend who has become less than virtuous.  If good morals go, so does the friendship.  (Aristotle, Books 8 and 9 of Nicomachean Ethics.)  If your instructor doesn't care for this perspective or categorization, then A is to be voted off the island of friendships.

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