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Why do people attack the source instead of the discussing the topic?

I learnt about the problems with Feminism from infowars, Henry Makow, Jeff Rense, A Voice for Men and Manwomanmyth.

Instead of discussing my points people attack the source, which is most of the time the truthers.

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  • liz
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    1 month ago

    If most or all of your sources promote false information, then your entire argument is not to be trusted.  It means your conclusions won’t be supported by hard evidence. 

    Infowars was deplatformed because of the trash it produced. Jeff Rense, similarly his articles continually fail fact checking exercises. “Overall, we rate Rense an extreme right-wing Conspiracy and quackery level Pseudoscience website based on frequently publishing unsubstantiated claims. “ from a bias checking website. Henry Makow-  another conspiracy theorist, with very low factual reporting.

    You’re free to quote these sources but nobody who has done any research would call them credible. Passing on false information is tantamount to lying. Why discuss anything with such a person?  

  • Foofa
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    1 month ago

    There are far more legitimate sites that discuss the foibles of feminism. Just use one of those instead of a well known conspiracy site run by a convicted felon. 

  • 1 month ago

    "Why do people attack the source instead of the discussing the topic?"

    Attacking the source is better than attacking the PERSON.  But obviously, dealing with the CONTENT regardless of the source is the proper way to go.

    Even infowars hosted Paul Joseph Watson,  a controversial blogger, but no dummy.  Makow hosted Jordan Peterson, again, controversial but intelligent.  These guys would have been considered Classic Liberals just a decade and a half ago.  Inoffensive Centrists to MOST people.  (not the crazy radicals that have always existed)

    Today under cultural Marxism having hijacked the Liberal's into it's radical Left, these guys are called "right wing".  Or even more ridiculously, "fascists" or sometimes "Nazi's".  There's the main problem with entertaining the cultural Marxist attack on free speech in general.

    And the Rense newsfeed is actually a properly balanced source for news because it contains all the mainstream feeds along with all the independent sources.  You are left to suss it out for yourself.  This is far better than  having Fakebook or some other Establishment goons telling you what you can or cannot read.


  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    they can't, but are pissed YOU can, so they attack YOU ..........

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  • Lolly
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    1 month ago

    Garbage in, garbage out.

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