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What do I do with my father who lies a lot? How do I discipline him?

I feel I am the parent and he is the child.

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    Get him to put $20 bill in a jar everytime he tells a fib.

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    You don't "discipline him". If you are the parent and he is the child answer this:

    1. Do you go to work and make money, have to pay rent/mortgage and pay bills?

    2. Have you contributed to bringing his life into the world making you culpable for him?

    3. Do you file the household taxes, and make sure that the IRS isn't coming for you?

    4. Do you drive HIM everywhere he wants to go?

    5. Do you cook, clean, attend PTA, and student teacher meetings concerning him?


    OKAY then. Many people have parents they feel act childishly, and who are toxic. Children, get GED's then jobs so that once they can make enough money on their own and pair those funds up with another employed adult, they can "leave the nest". No responsible child disciplines an adult because they know that if an adult's life is messed up, that's not for a child to fix (smart kid know this and GTFO of a bad family situation). You're question is one that seems stupid, because it is. No one wants to fix their parents, nor should they try to assume they can usurp their role. LEAVE if you can. Unless you have health issues, you need to find supportive OTHER people to make family/friends, and leave reject parents to fix their ****, and not bother you until they have done so.

    Parent's care for kids. Why? because kids literally didn't ask to be here, and it's a parent's fault, responsibility, obligation, duty, responsibility, and blessing (if they do things right) to raise up their kids. Not vice versa. Many parents ruin their kids with their messed up envy and selfish toxic behavior. If you aren't ill, thank god. Get a decent job, and connect with supportive people. Many people would rather die than be subjected to horrible abusive parents who ADMIT and brag about sabotaging their kid's lives. If that's not you be thankful. GTFO of that house and stop the nonsense.

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