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Why do women like when I go down on them but when I put my penis in they seem bored ?


Admittedly, I am not well endowed.

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    Its not about the size, its what you can do with it. Try not to stick with the thrusting motion, grind instead as this will stimulate other areas.

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    Because with oral you probably tend to focus more on the clitorus. About 50 to 75% (depending on the study) of women say that they're not able to climax unless their clitorus is stimulated. However, though many people argue that it doesn't exist, there is a G-spot inside of the vagina. It's only about 2-3 inches in but it can be difficult to stimulate with penetration alone since you have to press into the vaginal walls a bit. Also, some women don't even feel pleasure from that which is why its existence is debated. It mostly has to do with the amount of nerve endings someone has and how they're set up anatomically. There are other non-genitalia erogenous zones you could stimulate too like the inner thighs, lips, neck, breasts, earlobes, etc. Again it depends on the person and how many concentrated nerve-endings they may have in each area where and if that causes pleasure for them. Really the G-spot is the key though and erogenous zones enhance the experience. 

    I know it's complicated but if you keep trying you'll get the hang of it. as for being well-endowed, most nerve endings in the vagina are about 1 to 3 inches in so you have nothing to worry about with that. 

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    The clitoris is equal to the penis in sexual sensation. The vagina has very little. And there's no magic connection between the two like some people would like to believe. Those women in porn videos are acting.

    @Bill - It is. Everyone ought to quit lying about it. 

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