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South Korea morally the worst place in the world!!!? (South Korea)?

government training

entertainment companies may be bad in general

kpop companies have problems

fans act 5 years old and over arrogant and don't respect other groups, singers, soloists, people, dancers, rappers, etc.

no statute of limitations

idol industry very bad cute girls found forced weight, low freedom, slave contracts, songs direction mv album not just training given, they are basically employees

no dating allowed

government funds kpop and kdramas

racism appears often

many kpop companies even shittier than others YG, SM, MLD, Pledis, offtherecord, Limesoda company,

companies like offtherecord/pledis shelving groups while short term group debutes and comebacks!

member was able to torture member 10 years before news came out that it even happened

comeback rumors

had fanwars not that long ago

fans don't respect other group

fans don't respect other fandom

fans don't respect other artists or singers, rappers, dancers, employees, songwriters, producers, even other fans!!!

suicides in idol industry often from cyberbullying and negative comments about idols!

kpop industry profiting of IU and SM alleged profiting off of idol suicides!

idols disrespecting idol suicide victims!

song plagiarism, both claimed and real

sampling then multiplying the sampling, making it not any longer fair use!!!!

cultural appropriation

appropriating like 600 genres of music and edm!!!!

only cutest and handomest picked to be idols, but also only the lightest skinned picked to be idols!!!!!!


Twitter kpop fans very pushy and do stupid **** like try to jim political rallies!!!!!

respect for mental health only recently

even company you thought was good did bad things to artist

idol worship it seems or treating idols as more important than other people when everyone is a person!!!!!

country is being pushy with entertainment industry!!!!!

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  • Andrew
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    3 weeks ago

    Your silly rant is entirely focused on ridiculous K-Pop nonsense. Nothing you've said is a reflection on Korea or the Korean people in whatsoever. You want to see a morally bankrupt country? Head down to the Congo where warlords have child soldiers killing each other... Head to North Korea where people are imprisoned for life for something their grandfather did... South Korea is not without its problems - the work culture is insane, salaries versus the cost of living are terrible, the homogeneous nature of Korean society breeds contempt for foreigners, people lack basic manners, and don't even get me started on the drinking culture, the chauvinism, the littering, the spitting and the awful parking and driving, but there are many worse places to be than South Korea. You are not a very bright person.   

  • 4 weeks ago

    This seems to be an issue mostly around kpop, and not the entire country.

    Also; no.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    just shows that if a country is well-developed that doesn't mean that the quality of life can't be worse AS HELL

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