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    " Reveals Stay-at-Home Moms are Worth $162,581 a Year.May 14, 2018"

    I in no way want to demean the role of Mother.  But we do need to understand the pandering to political correctness that must have gone into working out that salary.  Upon closer inspection, we can see why. based the average mothers salary on being a multitasker of the following careers:

    -Teacher at a child care center


    -Laundry manager



    -Academic advisor

    Had they instead used the real world examples of:




    -food prep

    ... to perform the same functions, then the salary would be entirely different.  Many privileged and well off  stay at home Moms are known to contract those things out as it is.  That's how low the value of the last column is compared with the first column.  I mean, would a nanny call a Nurse to come in and put a bandage on a childs elbow?  Or would she do it herself??  The real world is quite different.

    Of course mothers have value that goes beyond the monetary.  Second wave feminists were the first one's to demean mothers, calling them "parasites" (Gloria Steinem), and stating that being a housewife was an "illegitimate profession".  Simone De Beauvoir went so far as to state that women should not even be given a choice to be a housewife, because if they are, then too many women would choose that over working outside the home.

    Today, many indoctrinated women and men follow that late second wave message that denigrates stay at home moms.  This is sad.  Prior to Second wave feminism, Motherhood was cherished and women as moms were loved and revered for a lifetime.  After second wave feminism, women are only good for their sex and extra money they bring in. When either of those expires, so do they often times in the minds of modern (non-traditional) culture.


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