Please rate my favorite girl names?

On a scale of 1- 10. 

1 means you hate it.

10 means you love it.






Alena (uh-lee-nuh)

Emmeline  (Emma-line)




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  • Snid
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Saige~0~  It's a misspelling of Sage.  Sage is harsh and unpleasant.

    Katie~5~  A cute nickname.  I dislike it as a stand alone name.

    Molly~10~  Outstanding and it's my daughter's name.

    Maya~7~  Nice enough.  I don't love it.

    Alena~ 9~  I think this sounds really pretty.  I prefer it spelled Alina. 

    Emmeline~5~  Too sweet for me.  I like Em or Emmy as a nickname, though.

    Madelyn~5~  Really over used in several forms.  Not really a fan but not awful.

    Sophie~0~  over used and boring.

    Jenna~ 10~  Lovely!

  • P
    Lv 7
    4 weeks ago

    Saige 0/10

    Katie 10/10

    Molly 8/10

    Maya 6/10

    Alena 5/10

    Emmaline 7/10

    Madelyn 8/10

    Sophie 8/10

    Jenna 10/10

  • 4 weeks ago

    Saige: 5/10. (It's ok. Not my favorite, but simple/sweet)

    Katie: 9/10. (I know a lot of Katie's, but I really like the name)

    Molly: 8.5/10. (I really like this name as well)

    Maya: 7/10 

    Alena: 6/10 (pretty I guess, but confusing spelling imo)

    Emmeline: 8/10

    Madelyn: 7.5/10

    Sophie: 7/10

    Jenna: 6/10    

  • 4 weeks ago

    Saige 4 (Sage is 6)

    Katie 9

    Molly 8

    Maya 7

    Alena 7

    Emmeline 6

    Madelyn 7

    Sophie 8

    Jenna 8

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Saige -- 8/10. This is cute but I prefer the spelling Sage. 

    Katie -- 3/10. Too popular and a bit bland. I prefer Katherine/Catherine with Kate/Katie as a nickname. 

    Molly -- 7/10. Cute. 

    Maya -- 5/10. It's okay but not really my style. 

    Alena (uh-lee-nuh) -- 3/10. It's okay but I think that pronunciation would be better spelled as Alina... I would pronounce Alena as uh-lay-nuh. 

    Emmeline -- 10/10. Beautiful name with a lovely, quaint feel. I love this name! 

    Madelyn -- 9/10. A gorgeous name but I prefer the classic Madeleine. 

    Sophie -- 6/10. Cute, again a bit too popular for me though. 

    Jenna -- 4/10. Seems quite dated. 

  • 4 weeks ago


  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Saige: 6/10

    Katie 8/10 love it for a nickname for Kaitlyn 

    Molly: 7/10

    Maya: 8/10

    Alena 9/10

    Emmeline 3/10

    Madelyn 4/10

    Sophie: 1/10 too popular sorry 

    Jenna : 7/10

  • 4 weeks ago


    Saige - 6

    Katie - 8

    Molly - 9

    Maya - 10

    Alena - 10

    Emmeline - 1

    Madelyn - 9

    Sophie - 8

    Jenna - 9

    My favourites are Maya, Alena and Jenna! They're underrated, beautiful, feminine and yet simple, strong-sounding and solid. They're very memorable, timeless and refreshing names! Not only are they on my baby names list, they are names I genuinely wish were my own.

    Overall, I really like your style. The only name I dislike is Emmeline - which I really, really dislike. I find it trendy, cheesy and a bit pretentious. Something about it seems like a show-off name and it's almost SICKLY sweet-sounding. Even though it can be called 'classic' or 'vintage' it SCREAMS 2018-2020 to me and I personally find it annoying and cringe-worthy. This is saying something because 'Emma' and 'Madeline' are some of my favourite names - but "Emmaline" drives me up the wall.

  • 4 weeks ago





    Alena (uh-lee-nuh)--7

    Emmeline (Emma-line)--8




  • 4 weeks ago

    1 for them all apart from Katie or Jenna and they will be an 8

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