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Accomodations for a learning disability?

I have a learning disability and my college that I am enrolled in can't give me my textbooks in audiotape. Can you give me a list of other resources or places I contact to provide me with my audio for my textbooks?


I live in the US. The school is a unable to provide my textbooks in audiotape. They didn’t even provide me with any other options. They just said they could not provide me with audiotapes textbooks. It’s up to me to go outside of the school.

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    3 weeks ago

    If you have a diagnosed reading disability, you'd already know what resources are available for people with your condition, or your college would certainly be able to provide you with contacts for outside resources. Makes me think you just don't want to read.

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    what country are you in?  Aren't most books digital nowadays?  With digital books, you can get a screen reader to read it for you.

    The library for the blind also includes  materials for people with dyslexia, you can see if you are eligible.

    In the US, vocatioinal rehab may help you get audio books or software to read for you..

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