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Will chin implant surgery change my face a lot or not make much of a difference?

I don't have much of a chin right now and I'm getting surgery in a few days... They're going to put something in my chin to move it 4cm forward. Will this change my face/looks a lot or will it not make much of a difference?

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    if you have long chin? if the surgery was successful then you will look different.  

  • 4 weeks ago

    Do you know who Carol Burnett is?  40 years ago she was one of the most loved people in the US, with a weekly comedy/variety hour that was one of the most popular TV programs in the 70s and is still considered 'classic'.  But today  you hardly ever hear of her. 

    Anyway, she had a 'weak chin' all her life and she hated it.  When she was doing the movie Annie, in 1982, she decided to get an implant as soon as shooting was over.  She got the surgery and then was called back for 're-shoots'.  So you can see her both before and after the surgery in this movie.

    She said there was one scene where she went into a closet and was rooting around for something.  The shot where she comes out of the closet was one of the re-shot scenes where she has her new chin.  I downloaded the movie to look for that scene and I couldn't find it.  But I've seen her a few times since, and I can't tell.  She still looks like Carol Burnett.

    4cm is a LOT!  That's more than an inch and a half!  You're going to look like Dudley Do-right!   Maybe you mean 4mm? 

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