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Dirac asked in EnvironmentGlobal Warming · 4 weeks ago

Why won't JimZ admit he was wrong about water vapor?

In answer about CO2, JimZ wrote "For dimwit Dirac, .4/0.0004 = 1000. He suggests CO2 is a tenth of water vapor"  There are several things wrong with this: (1) water vapor is at most about 4% of the atmosphere, but JimZ's use of 0.4 would correspond to 40% (2) water vapor abundance falls off rapidly with altitude (you don't have to go very high before there's more CO2 than water vapor) so that it actually only makes up about 0.4% of the atmosphere, and CO2 really IS about one-tenth as abundant of water vapor. In answer to this, JimZ said "Who cares what the water vapor is in the thin air that none of us live in"

Don't you think that a real scientist should be good enough at math to understand percentages,would  correct themselves when they are wrong, and have some intellectual curiosity about their environment?


JimZ's answer exemplifies what it means to be a denier--JimZ not only gets things wrong, but he also doesn't CARE if he gets things wrong, because to him it's not about science, it's about advancing his politics.

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    For the same reason one of the other users claimed CO2 was 7000 ppm during the Dinosaur Era.

    Then when it was pointed out that it hasn't been that high since photosynthesis evolved, that user deleted their answer.  Rather than concede the mistake.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Not a legitimate question.

    Why won't you stop trolling?  You've already ruined this section.  At this point you're just trolling you're own mental case brain.  

  • JimZ
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    4 weeks ago

    It is too fun watching you go out of your mind arguing with yourself about it.   You claimed CO2 was a tenth as much as water vapor which is even more asinine so is it a hundredth or a tenth?

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