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Someone please help?

bee cannot get my dog to poop and our huge yard. He has been allowed be alpha  in the family 🏃to neighbors. I have flagged my hard and got a shock collar. He has long been shocked once going accords the road I use the vintage and high pitch sound I take him out every 15 minutes but must sits there and looks at me


First of all I DID wear it before I ever put it on him to check vibration and shock. I would NEVER abuse my dog or any animal. He is a 10year old Maltese he is my baby i drive 2 miles to a park twice a day so that he can run without a leash. I have a huge yard and I just want him out go in my yard. No I never properly trainer him he's it's my fault I don't know how to gain control he has always been in control so can anyone help me with this 

Update 2:

I got him as a puppy. He is my baby. I just want to get him to poop in my yard I took him out every half hour last night after he ate when I stopped him form going on the neighbors he just lays down. I did this until 3am he got up after this and pooped in the house I have NEVER spanked or punished him for this.

Update 3:

OKAY I DIDN'T CHECK MY SPELLING I WAS TYPING OUTSIDE AT NIGHT ON AN IPAD. Why so rude??? You didn't have to answer my question I truely want an answer I am not stupid or cruel I am frustrated I was frustrated

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  • 1 month ago

    I don't understand how you think a shock collar will help him poop out in the yard.  Shock collars are cruel & abusive.  A little bit of effort on your part could actually train the dog so it knows what to expect.  With out the proper training a dog is just a stupid dog with no training.  A Da dog, dumb.  Please, wear the collar yourself so you know exactly what the dog feels.  Shock collars are worthless if there is no fence.  Shock collars are cruel & a lazy way to attempt to train a dog.  Get rid of the damned shock collar & try training the dog.

    By using a shock collar, that is telling us you don't know much about dogs/canines.  Your ignorance is harming your dog.  It could be quite the show off once trained to be obedient.

  • 1 month ago

    Shock collars (those that use any electrical voltage, not just sound or a citronella spray) are considered ABUSIVE.  Invisible fence collars can often produce a similar result. - Once the dog is *shocked* for trying to cross the fence line - it may cause the dog to REFUSE to out in the yard AT ALL and it certainly will not pee or poop there, if dog won't GO into the yard.  

    This is all YOUR FAULT for trying to take an abusive "short cut" versus providing the needed obedience training for the dog. (At the same time, it should have LEARNED its correct place in the hierarchy of the family => AT THE BOTTOM) and it is also YOUR FAULT for using a *shock collar* in place of a REAL fence.

    So now that you have intentionally "shot yourself in the FOOT" (with a total LACK of proper training for the dog plus heaped on ANIMAL ABUSE) I suggest you call a professional (DOG) trainer to help you, rather than using the internet.

  • Jojo
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    1 month ago

    Your English is obviously not very good or else you type too fast without checking your grammar.

    Shock collars will not induce a dog to poop in your yard.

    Lots of dogs do not like using their recreational area to poop in, and you need to take the dog out of your premises for a walk, for him to want to relieve himself. 

    My dog hardly ever poops on my (his) premises and 99% holds it until I take him out for his walk. 

    Always pick up after your dog if he defecates off your premises.

    If your dog runs off to neighbours, then your premises are not secure enough and also he is not viewing you or your family as his leaders and pack.

    Unfortunately you do not give much information about the dog.

    eg: How long have you owned him.

          How old is he.

          What training does he receive or has received?

          How much exercise does he get daily.

          What is his breed?

           What are you using the shock collar for ? and why?


  • Amber
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    1 month ago

    He probably can't understand what you're on about, I certainly can't.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Like me, he probably can't understand what you are saying and questions your use of emojis.

    So he wont poop and our huge yard, has been allowed be alpha in the family, has flagged you hard, got you a shock collar and has been shocked long going according to the road?

    Yes, like me he has no idea what you are asking.

  • Robert
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    1 month ago

    Take him for a walk and praise him when he poops and pees .

  • PR
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    1 month ago

    It sounds like you have a couple problems:

    1. The dog is not properly house trained.

    2. The dog gets out of the yard.

    The best way to deal with this is not let him in the yard for very long. Put a long rope or cable connected to your door and long enough for him to get into the yard. Allow him out to do his business. Once he is done, bring him back inside. 

    Inside the house, keep him in a dog cage. Put it in the main living area. Bring him outside in the morning on a leash. Walk him around and use key words such as, "Go OUT". If he does something, praise him heavily. Bring him inside and give him a treat. Play for a little while on a tiled surface, with you watching him closely. Then, put him back in the cage. 

    Take him out, again at a reasonable time and do the same as above. 

    If the dog hasn't done anything while outside, put him back in the cage and try again in one hour. DO NOT let him run around in the house, until he is fully house trained. 

    The cage confines the dog in a small area. Usually, a dog doesn't want to defecate if he cannot get away from it, so the cage needs to be only large enough for him to stand and turn around in. Only use the cage in a positive manner.

    If you are not comfortable training the dog, take him to an animal rescue league. They will work on his training, and then find a good home for him. Try your local pet supply store for rescue leagues.These groups know how to work on these things and won't be worried about his lack of training. It takes time and patience to train a dog.

    Also, BE SURE he does not have a bladder infection. Take him to the vet to be checked. This can make a dog need to go, often.

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