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I was severely bullied and I can't stop thinking about it.?

I was badly bullied in school and I think about it everyday, what can I do to help? It is making me really sad.

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    Might be worth seeing some kind of specialist to see if you have PTSD or something like that? I know what it's like to dwell on past experiences, due to having clinical anxiety and depression all my life.

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    The bully is in your head torturing you still. But right now the bully is fully committed to his/her life with no thoughts of you. Wear a rubber band around your wrist. Each time you go back to bully reliving, snap your wrist rubber band and say, I really don't care, do you? Or your choice of rejoinder. Download a meditation app. Use that for when you obsess. You don't need to see either unless suicidal. They just hook you up with addictive RXs. Insurance barely covers it. I do that as well, but force myself to refocus with gratitude mantras.

    Source(s): The untethered soul by Michael Singer.
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    you may probably need  the professional help of a psychologist or so, in real life, in your area, someone skilled in treating people of  your age

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    You don't say how old you are now but there is a simple and private and sure way to work on fixing this. 

    Get yourself a journal and write about the bullies and the incidents that happened.

    Then, (and this is IMPORTANT)  after you write about the incidents, you need to re-write the ending and how YOU would change what happened.  You can imagine taking control of these bullies in many ways and changing the outcomes.  You can imagine someone coming to help you and how you could humiliate the bullies in public.

    This REALLY WORKS and it is a simple way to do some self-therapy and it will teach you valuable skills in asserting yourself to others.

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    I would suggest that you get counseling and work on yourself.  My sibling attempted to kill me at least once a week from the time I was born until I terminated all contact with that sibling.  I'm ok now and no one bullies me.

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    I think you should talk to someone about it. Your parents should know as well as your guidance counselors in school. Your parent's should also speak to their parent's if possible since it's to a severe level. 

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    You can fix it with following ways:

    1. Accept it: Find the reason behind bullied. Why they are bulling you. is it connected with your looks behavior or personality ? Try to find the reason behind it and after that you can fix it. You can change it as you want. You can start exercise to change your looks and you can change your personality too. You have to find the reason and accept it. Example : If you are thick then it's okay, accept it. Set your goal to achieve fitness target. Work on your body and personality on daily basis.

    2. Change your mindset: You have to change your mindset, If they are saying: you are thick then accept it and think they cares about you they care about your health so they are reminding you. You are thick and you have to achieve fitness goals. in this way you can change the thoughts about them and mindset thinking pattern because you can't change everyone but you can change yourself. So focus on yourself.

    3. Who triggering (Find the leader of group): Be mentally ready for next time when they start bulling you then you can observe who is triggering this event. Maybe only 4 to 5 people behind this conspiracy who don't like you or they are doing for time pass or for fun only. After finding all of them you can talk with them. Ask why they are doing this with you and you can talk softly and try to convince all of them. If they are not taking you seriously then you can give him final warning and after that take action against him. Talk with you principal or head officer. If they are doing that again then you can take legal action against him like mental mental harassment etc.

    4. Change School/College : If any solution not working then you can change your institute. Start new life in new place, new friends. Remember IF someone starting bulling you in new place then take action against him as soon as possible and try to stop him.

    I hope this will helpful for you. Good Luck! Just Change your life right now.

  • Tell yourself that you got through it and you're stronger than ever... I really wish you the best.

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    First of all don't let them get to you. Be strong and try to fight this sadness that you feel or you will be feeling like this for a very long time.

    Imagine yourself bullying those fools, Stay Safe. : )

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    A lot of people have been bullied, since, forever. Jesus Christ was bullied too and we all know how that went. Think about him and get strength by praying all the bad memories away.

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