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Will I die early since I’m a preemie?

I’m 17 years old now, and I recently told my friend I was born 6 weeks early since they asked me why I seemed slow to learn. He said that I’d die in my early adulthood because I was born prematurely. I looked it up and it said there was a higher risk. I do have long term issues like eyesight problems, mental issues, learning defects, etc. But I was born healthy as could be, Does it still mean I’m dying in between 18-36?

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    I was also born six weeks early; the only thing that was wrong with me was that my lungs weren't fully developed. They told my parents I would probably have other issues (slow learning, etc.), but I never did. Nobody ever said anything about dying early, and certainly not between the ages of 18 and 36. I admit that I don't go to the doctor for routine check-ups as often as they recommend (I don't do the once-a-year thing), but every time I do, I'm told that I'm healthy and have no reason for concern.

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    What an insensitive thing for your friend to say. Assuming he has no medical degree, I'd ask him who died and made him a doctor. :/

    At your next physical you could ask your (actual) doctor about your diagnoses and whether any could affect your expected lifespan, but if you were at high risk of death before age 36, surely your doctor would have discussed that with you already. It might also help to hear from your doctor whether any of your health issues are even related to your prematurity at birth. 

    But if it helps to hear encouraging stories, my younger sister was born prematurely; she's now 40 and called me this morning. She did several miles with her running club before my lazy self even got out of bed! XD

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    Our now 27 year old daughter was born 7 weeks early.

    She is a strong, healthy adult who works out regularly and is at no higher risk for dying than anyone else her age.

    You aren't either.

  • Anonymous
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    He's just messing with you.  Risk is relative.  You do hundreds of things each week that are riskuer like crossing the street and getting out of the bath.

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  • 1 month ago

    I'll just consult my crystal ball 

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    No not if you play your cards right and do good things in life

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