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Is there a minimum income that requires to file taxes?

Hi, as the question says. I've been a student the last couple of years and just recently graduated and want to file for the first time. I've worked my four years and have only made about 7k or less per year. I have one problem though, I have not filed for my 2018 tax year, although I want to do so I do not have the W-2 form for one of the two jobs that I worked at through 2018. I never received them, and I rather not have interaction with that company since it was not very professional while I worked there. I do have the W-2 for the second job. I also have the W2s for 2019. 

Would it be fine to omit the 2018 taxes and only do 2019? Or would it be recommended or required by law to file for the 2018? Also brings back to my question, is there a minimum income that requires me to file tax? Thank you!


I should add that this is for the state of California.  I was also considered "dependent" in 2018. In 2019 was no longer a dependent. 

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    If you make more than the standard deduction, you are required to file. The standard deduction for someone filing single is $12,200 for 2019. There are other circumstances that could also require you to file.

    You can file for 2019 without filing previous years.

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    If you had any tax withheld and want it back you have to file.

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    Yes, it is currently about $12000.    you can just do 2019.  Every year is separate anyway.  

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    You would WANT to file if federal income tax was withheld (but the IRS will be glad to keep your donation). You Need to file if your self-employment was over $400 (or so; verify - but this does not sound like you) because you would owe self-employment tax (basically both halves of FICA). You can request the W-4 from the IRS if you cannot get the correct information from your last paystub and want to file for 2018. You CAN file a 1040 any year as long as you do not file a frivolous report. {For example, you may wish to establish something for student loans, or to get a student credit.} [unemployed persons often file, just to maintain continuity.] has all of the answers.

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    Yes there is and it's different between state to state and country to country.

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