On a scale 0 to 10, how much do you enjoy these wrestlers from WWE Attitude Era (1997-2002)?

I apologize if it's way too long. It's a long list for many reasons of mine.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

The Rock

Triple H

The Undertaker

Bret Hart

Shawn Michaels



Big Show

Kurt Angle

Chris Jericho

Chris Benoit

Edge and Christian

The Hardy Boyz

The Dudley Boyz

The New Age Outlaws

Jeff Jarrett

Owen Hart

Val Venis

Eddie Guerrero


The British Bulldog

Ken Shamrock

Big Boss Man

Dean Malenko

Perry Saturn


Too Cool




William Regal

The Godfather


D'Lo Brown

Mark Henry

Jim Neidhart


Spike Dudley

Brian Pillman

Terry Funk


Ahmed Johnson

The Legion of Doom

The Holly Cousins


Al Snow




Essa Rios

Marc Mero

Jerry Lynn

The Headbangers



The Godwinns

Kai En Tai

Steven Richards

Bull Buchanan

Steve Blackman


Flash Funk/Scorpio

Justin Credible

Savio Vega



Trish Stratus






Molly Holly




Mae Young

The Fabulous Moolah

If you don't know any of these wrestlers, you can skip it.


I forgot to add Vader and Sycho Sid.

3 Answers

  • 1 month ago
    Favourite answer

    Stone Cold Steve Austin - 5.5. This is an unpopular answer, but I didn't enjoy Stone Cold as much as the others did. He is easily one of the top 5 greatest of all time though. 

    The Rock - 5.5. Same answer as Stone Cold.

    Triple H - 6. Back then I was big on Triple H. I still appreciate him, but I don't think he is/was that exciting to watch.How I prefer him has nothing to do with his skills or talent.

    The Undertaker - Back then a 10. If this is based of what I would think of his attitude era self now? It would be a 6.5. He had better matches as he got older for a long time. I respect him greatly, because he is truly passionate about his job; even going as far as to live and believe in what he did. 

    Bret Hart - He was one of my favorites back then. How much I enjoy him now is still high, but not as high. In terms of been textbook and crisp, he is the greatest technical wrestler, and one of the best of all time. In terms of how much holds, and grappling he showed, there are wrestlers that I feel know more than he did. 7.5

    Shawn Michaels - 8.5 In the attitude era he was a bit quicker and more athletic. He still told a great story though and had great psychology. He could have quality matches with wrestlers who were limited in the ring. 

    Mankind - 5. Not a fan of hardcore wrestlers, and not much of a fan of the matches unless it has a story to it. But still, I like a good wrestling match over anything.

    Kane - 3. He was extremely durable and strong. But he  wasn't very nimble in the ring. He had the same moves as taker with less talent, quickness, agility, and quality of matches.

    Big Show - 3. This has nothing to do with the talent for his size, or credibility. This may sound like I enjoy more flippy wrestlers more, but that's not always true. I just like wrestlers who are more exciting and can do more.

    Kurt Angle - 7. One of the best pure athletes, and pure wrestlers you will ever see. He was a good entertainer, too. 

    Chris Jericho - 7.5. He could have good matches with just about anybody.He even had entertaining, good matches with Chyna. One of the most well rounded wrestlers and entertainers during that time, and maybe of all time. 

    Chris Benoit - 8. One of the best wrestlers I have seen. He could do just about everything, from japanese wrestling, american wrestling, been a base for highflyers, and wrestling at any pace. He had a lot of intensity in the ring, too.

    Edge and Christian - 6. I'm not big on tag teams as much. 

    The Hardy Boyz - same as Edge and Christian.

    The Dudley Boyz - Same answer.

    The New Age Outlaws - 3

    Jeff Jarrett - 5. He wasn't boring to me, I enjoyed his segments where he would hit people with the guitar, not matter who they were. I'm assuming he was a safe worker. He wasn't the most exciting, or one of the best. But he didn't bore me, and that bumped the score.

    Owen Hart - 7. He was more agile, and showed more personality than his brother. That, I will give him. I enjoyed his matches, too. A hard worker.

    Val Venis - 6. Good look, and was a really good wrestler imo. His pornstar gimmick was interesting.

    Eddie Guerrero - 9. Great wrestler, great charisma, good presence, and entertaining. Complete package. 

    X-Pac - I enjoyed him as 123 kidd, but not as much as X-Pac. I don't know.

    The British Bulldog - 4

    Ken Shamrock - 5. I enjoyed him alright.

    Big Boss Man - 0. Never watched a match from him.

    Dean Malenko - 7.5. Great wrestler and worker. He could bring out the best of anybody's styles and technical skills. If his matches wasn't good, it probably wasn't his fault. He isn't somebody I would go out of my way to see though. But I had fun watching his matches.

    Perry Saturn - 5.5. Good wrestler and worker. I don't respect that he roughed up that jobber though. I know it was a basic hold that his opponent messed up on, but it wasn't a big botch, and he didn't get hurt. That was unprofessional.

    Rikishi - Idk.

    Too Cool - I don't remember them, sorry.

    Goldust - 4.5

    Raven - I don't remember his matches or seen a lot of him. 

    Tazz - 5. Haven't seen enough of him, but guessing how much I liked him, and that is the same with a lot of wrestlers on this list.

    William Regal - 6. 

    The Godfather - 0

    The APA - 2

    D'Lo Brown - 2

    Mark Henry - 4.5

    Jim Neidhart - Don't remember.

    Rhyno - 5

    Spike Dudley - 5

    Brian Pillman - 5.5 I didn't enjoy him as much, because he use to be better in the early 90's. He was pretty entertaining though.

    Terry Funk - 0. Haven't seen hid matches.

    Tajiri - 7. 

    Ahmed Johnson - 4

    The Legion of Doom - I don't know them too well.

    The Holly Cousins - Don't know. 

    Test - 6

    Al Snow - 2

    Gangrel - 3

    Viscera - 1

    Mideon - ?

    Essa Rios - 6.5

    Marc Mero - 6

    Jerry Lynn - 7

    The Headbangers - 1

    Droz - ?

    Albert - 1

    The Godwinns -?

    Kai En Tai - 6

    Steven Richards - 5

    Bull Buchanan - 5

    Steve Blackman - 5.5

    K-Kwik - Don't know, because he jobbed a lot.

    Flash Funk/Scorpio - 5.5

    Justin Credible - 5

    Savio Vega - 5



    Trish Stratus - 8 Gorgeous and talented. 

    Lita - 8 Reckless, but so over, and could deliver good matches.

    Chyna - 6

    Jacqueline - 9 Underrated and one of my personal favorites.

    Ivory - 7.5

    Sable - 8. I know she wasn't good in the ring, but she had presence, confidence and knew her worth.

    Molly Holly - 8

    Tori - 4

    Terri - 5

    Debra - 6

    Mae Young - 5

    The Fabulous Moolah-5

    I know a lot were rated low, but there isn't a lot of wrestlers that I just get super excited to see, even though I enjoy wrestling. I also shamefully prefer smaller wrestlers, that have better cardio and faster.

    Edit:  Vader- 3

    Psycho Sid: 2

  • Ivan
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    Benoit is ruthless aggression. So is Eddie and everyone from wcw.

  • Adam
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    1 month ago

    Stone Cold Steve Austin 10

    The Rock 10

    Triple H - 8 hated him in dx but the story with steph and angle was class

    The Undertaker - 7 not a fan of the ministry or the inital ABA Character

    Bret Hart - 9 his canada stuff was incredible

    Shawn Michaels - 10 His feud with taker was incredible

    Mankind 9

    Kane 9

    Big Show 3

    Kurt Angle 7

    Chris Jericho 7

    Child Killing Scumbag 0

    Edge and Christian 8

    The Hardy Boyz 8

    The Dudley Boyz 8

    The New Age Outlaws 6

    Jeff Jarrett 6

    Owen Hart 6

    Val Venis 5

    Eddie Guerrero 5


    The British Bulldog 1

    Ken Shamrock 5

    Big Boss Man 5

    Dean Malenko 2

    Perry Saturn 4

    Rikishi 8

    Too Cool 8

    Goldust 5

    Raven 3

    Tazz 2

    William Regal 5

    The Godfather 7

    The APA 8

    D'Lo Brown 3

    Mark Henry 3

    Jim Neidhart 1

    Rhyno 5

    Spike Dudley 6

    Brian Pillman 3

    Terry Funk 5

    Tajiri 6

    Ahmed Johnson 3

    The Legion of Doom 3

    The Holly Cousins 6

    Test 2

    Al Snow 7

    Gangrel 1

    Viscera 1

    Mideon 1

    Essa Rios 2

    Marc Mero 2

    Jerry Lynn 1

    The Headbangers 6

    Droz 2

    Albert 2

    The Godwinns 1

    Kai En Tai 1

    Steven Richards 1

    Bull Buchanan 1

    Steve Blackman 8

    K-Kwik 1

    Flash Funk/Scorpio 1

    Justin Credible 1

    Savio Vega 8

    Crush 1


    Trish Stratus 5

    Lita 5

    Chyna 3

    Jacqueline 7

    Ivory 8

    Sable 5

    Molly Holly 6

    Tori 3

    Terri 2

    Debra 2

    Mae Young 1

    The Fabulous Moolah 0

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